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Raunchy teen comedies. What ever happened to them? Proliferating in the early eighties, influenced heavily by the seminal Animal House (1978) but morphing into their own sub-genre off the back of the equally seminal Porky's (1982) the feature of tonight's review, The Last American Virgin, which fits squarely in its own defined parameters, is, in fact, a remake of the Israeli film Lemon Popsicle (1978) which was one of the very first films I saw on VHS back when there was no regulation. Re-written and updated for the American teen audience by the original director, it was Boaz Davidson's hope that it would spawn a series of sequels in the US as it had in Israel; but alas, it failed to ignite the same passion and fell quietly by the wayside where it has remained ever since. It is clear why the film was never as successful as...

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There's an extremely uncomfortable stalker/rapey vibe about the lead in this film.

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