The kids are alright


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Just noticed that there is a 2 disc helping of The Who coming soon :clap:
The Who DVD
Some excellent special features too:-

Audio commentary from director Jeff Stein
'The Kids Are Alright' rockumentary
'Miracle Cure': restoring the film for DVD
'Getting In Tune': an audio showdown
'Trick Of The Light': a picture showdown
'The Ox': an isolated track of John Entwhistle's bass feed
'Behind Blue Eyes': Q and A with Roger Daltrey
'Anytime You Want Me': multiple camera angle feature
'Pure And Easy': a warm up for the casual fan
'It's Hard': 21 correct answers will win a prize!
'See My Way': Q and A with Jeff Stein
Track by track liner notes

The interesting thing for me (as a former bass player) is the Entwhistle bass feed one


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I got this on Region 1 a few months ago - its fantastic - the 'Ox Cam' feature alone is worth the money! :clap:

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