The Karate Kid Collection 4K Blu-ray Review & Comments


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I thought everyone knew Hawaii doubled as Okinawa! :eek:


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It's 1984 and I'm 10. My little gang and I are sat in the cinema eagerly awaiting the start of what was no doubt going to be a classic movie for the ages. The cinema is quickly filling up and then it happened. The moment all ten year old's dread. Bigger boys come in and sit directly behind us. These bigger boys were well known to us and were to be avoided at all costs. Our Panda pops and Chewitts were quickly confiscated and we were then subjected to two hours of wet willies, monkey scrubs and some well aimed kicks through the back of the chairs as well as some imaginative verbal abuse. We knew that as soon as the film finished the torture might escalate so as soon as the credits rolled, we were gone. Only one of my mates thought it was a good idea to scream 'Struggie is a tw*t' as we reached the exit to the high street. I knew I was the slowest runner so my best chance was to mingle in with the late afternoon shoppers and try and hide. I was spotted almost immediately and dragged into a little alley off the high street for a good pasting. Then it occurred to me that the last two hours hadn't been just a movie, it had been training. I would wax on and wax off. I would paint the fence and I would sweep the legs. Finally I would perform the crane kick and emerge back on the high street victorious. Unfortunately, the uncoordinated flailings of a pre-pubescent 10 year old are no match for the raging hormones of a 15 year old. As I trudged home nursing a bloody nose and a thick lip, I decided that perhaps Mr Miyagi was full of sh*t.
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I've my Italian UHD set up in the classifieds.

Won't be revisiting these movies anytime soon.

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