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I have a room........

Been moved into our new (old) house for just over a year now & the intension was always to turn the front living room into a media room.
But as always when you move other projects & decorating become more important (so swmbo says 😉) so the front room has just become the dumping ground.
Pretty much all those jobs have been done now & it's starting to annoy me that all my lovely AV & stereo gear is still sat in boxes.

So now into the early stages of designing the layout of the room, my initial thought was to go for a 7.1.4 speaker layout, but the more I look into the more it looks like I will have to compromise, especially with were the sofa will be placed. Please see attached my bestest scale drawing

The room will be used for
Watching films
Listening to music
Gaming (Ps4)
Chillin reading comics & drinking whisky

So far my thoughts are to lower the ceiling to accommodate the atmos speakers (just in front of the sofa) but leaving a sunken circle in the middle with edge lighting.

Build some sort of media wall where the chimney breast is to accommodate a 77" TV (sofa placement again not great)

Surround channels L&R of the sofa on the walls.

Let me know your thoughts on these idea's? I've attached some pics (excuse the mess)

Cheers Martyn


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Ment to put my kit list up too

LG C1 77" TV
Denon Av6300h 11.2 AV receiver
Tannoy Dc8t speakers L&R channel
Tannoy Dc6 lcr Centre channel
Monitor audio fx silver surrounds x4
BK pr-300sb-pr subwoofer
Oppo 203 4k disc player
Ps 4
Cyrus Dac xp sig
Cyrus psx-r 2 power supply for the dac
Cyrus x200 sig mono block amps
Innuous Zen mk3 2tb music server
Harmony elite remote



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Need some help with speaker placement, gone back to my excellent scale drawing (speakers not to scale)
Speaker key
LCR in red
Atmos in black
Surround in blue
Also will be extending the chimney breast with false wall to accommodate the 77" tv

Will the speakers be ok placed like this?
Thoughts suggestions?

Cheers Martyn


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