The joy of fungus. (And Ebay)



You may have seen a seleco svd 500 on ebay a couple of weeks ago for spares or repair. After speaking to the seller it appeared to be a bad case of fungus.(Didnt tell him that though. :devil: ) So £175 later the projector was mine.
Still a bit cautious, I picked it up a fortnight ago. Lo and behold it turned out to be the 500 plus HD with colour corrected glass lenses!!!

After defunging(is that a word?) the green tube a couple of days later, it was hung on my ceiling in place of the 400HT thats been irritating me for months.(I still welcome ideas on sorting it out.)
I've now finished the first week of watching it in action and am thoroughly delighted. :D
The magic roundabout was in full 3D and the clarity/detail on kill bill was amazing.
Any problems? Well theres wear where the 16:9 image has been projected for its 2500 hours which rules out a full 4:3 image but apart from that everything else is spot on.

I suppose the moral of the story is that E-bay occasionally comes up trumps even for unlucky sods like me, just ask the right questions.

Boris Blank

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stubied said:
I suppose the moral of the story is that E-bay occasionally comes up trumps even for unlucky sods like me, just ask the right questions.
Indeed, too many bad stories circulating about EBay and crt's - do your homework and you can walk away with a bargain (as you did!).

Well done!

Mad Mr H

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Kicked myself over that one!

I went out and forgot to put a marker bid on it!

Well done.....

I recently bought 4 1208 series pj's all from e bay.

FIRST one I bought from an AVS member - he told me he was a crt engineer and the set was good - WORST thing I ever bought, what a waste of time and effort - damaged boards more tubes etc - lied about the hours - Shipped in from USA so one day I will visit him.....slowly this is being out right and nearly there, I only bought it as I wanted a pair and another seller had one I was going to buy, anyway the second deal fell through so I felt even worse....

Then I bought 2 more from another usa seller - I though I was buying 2 different models with ok ish tubes - turned out to both be 1208s/E with Lido - well well well worth the money I paid - for those that dont know this is the TOP model (until you go 9")

THEN the last one I bought By accident! UK seller 1208s - you know with the SONY tubes that were burnt so PJ is a write off - anyway in another Mad moment I bought it. When it arrived I was not happy to see the iris system had been removed as I thought it had that - HOWEVER it was not a 1208s Either - BUT a 1208s/2 a serious bit of kit with mec tubes and all intact. Second only to the 1208s/e version.

I also have now bought 6 BRAND NEW (not rebuild) tubes for the 1208s/e's, have COG boards, Contrast modulation boards and just need 2 SEMU boards to finish my blending PJ's.

If anyone needs parts or a 1208/2 then pm me - I dont need it any more!

there are good sellers and BAD ones.......I hope I fall in the good section (273 100% +ve feedback thank you all!)


I bought a NEC PG 6100 with low hours from ebay in the USA and it works like a charm. Best 500.00 dollars I spent on my HT.
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