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The ins and outs of plasma connection - help needed!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by alanfcross, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. alanfcross


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    I'm sure my situation is far from unique, so excuse me asking what to some of you will be obvious, and what has probably been asked before.
    I'm looking at a local offer for a Panny PW7 with their media receiver 'thrown in'. The receiver does not do terrestrial digital, so I was put off.
    I also have a sat RX (steerable dish, not just Sky), a DVD, a VCR (all RGB SCART) and a security camera (composite). Seems I want a media receiver with analogue and digital tuners (or just digital would do), at least 3 SCART inputs, a composite input (via SCART?), and output to feed my plasma screen (VGA?) and SCART to the VCR to record.
    Then I need to consider the output audio to a bunch of speakers (starting with 2, migrating to 5.1).
    Does the media receiver I need actually exist? Not from Panasonic according to my dealer. And would this be quite separate from the junior home cinema kit I'm considering? Or is there one box that does it all (and does it reasonably well)? Any recommendations?
    Thanks guys.

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