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It wasn’t until I sat down to write about Ti West’s The Innkeepers that I noticed its rather overt similarity that it has to another ghostly yarn that has found itself enjoying incredible worldwide success. Hammer’s The Woman In Black deals with an embittered female spirit lingering around and putting the fear of God into all who see her, and The Innkeepers treads cautiously down the same shadow-veiled corridors in another looming edifice that has gone to seed. But whereas James Watkins’ adaption of Woman was more immediately atmospheric and dark-hearted, and filled with frights and menace, West’s film is sedate and meandering. Where the Daniel Radcliffe vehicle was traditional in its approach, yet full-blooded when it came to the plentiful shocks, The Innkeepers is imbued with a sort of indie-sensibility and a more modern approach that...

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