The inevitable Metroid U


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There's got to be a metroid on the way at some point. Retro are working on something (of course that might end up belonging to a non-metroid thread- what are the chances?!) right now too.

What's everyone's hopes? FPS again or maybe go 3rd person (yes please- maybe with flashback sequences that you play in FP or as side scrollers :) ). Online multiplayer?

Seeing as its not been announced yet, we are free to dream!


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Would love it to back to its roots, side on, 2d plane, but with 3d stylised graphics, none of this 3rd person or FPS milarky.


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I'd be stoked if retro were making a metroid and if they were i hope they continue in the same fps vein as prime, i found that more immersive and the art style was amazing.

Having said that a metroid game isn't a dead cert though. apart from a mario platformer and a mario kart not every nintendo franchise appears each generation, metroid was absent on n64 but was around for GC and Wii so chances are we may not get a metroid this gen. We've been missing starfox and f zero for a few years and I've got a gut feeling nintendo is reviving those. I would love for a starfox from retro or even a brand new mature IP that would be awesome. Something that would sucker punch everyone and just pull the rug from our feet, come on retro!!


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I think F-Zero will make a return, as the online aspect from Nintendo now would be rock steady for multi player races. The graphics were amazing on the GC (and still better than anything I have seen from the current gen consoles), so imagine what it would be like with a Wii-U power re-boot?!? I still play on F-Zero GX now and then, as it is one of my favourite racers (shame I am rubbish at it lol).

If Metroid made a comeback, I would much prefer it to be a FPS again. I thought the game perfectly suited it, and I wonder how good the Metroid universe could be with the retro polish added again. I didn't really like Metroid M if I'm honest, as the 2D sections were ok but the 3D sections were just awkward to control and to shoot in. I seriously lost a lot of patience in sections where you had to shoot missiles at objects whilst avoiding things on the 2D bit.

Although Starfox is / was a great game, I'm not sure how that could be massively updated tbh. It works really well as it is and was successful on the 3DS, so I am not sure how well it could be changed / updated for the WiiU. Then again, I'm not a Nintendo genius employee lol


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Retro did a good re boot of the Donkey Kong franchise on Wii. I wouldnt mind seeing a follow up to that on the U.

I do hope it will be a new Metroid more though.


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I'd love a new Metroid Prime game and would want it to stay a first person adventure like the GameCube games were.

Like others have said, a new F-Zero with online would be brilliant and yes, the GameCube version still looks excellent by today's standards. I still wish I had the means to unlock the arcade version which is locked in the GameCube game's coding - I think it needs a cheat card or something to do this.

Starfox would be good too but - I loved the N64 version especially competing with my mates on the high scoring part :smashin:

I hope something is revealed during the E3 events (Nintendo Directs) so fingers crossed :D

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