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Roll up! Roll up! Come and see The Incredible Melting Man! Just try not to get any of him on your clothes!

When a NASA mission to Saturn goes horribly awry and the crew encounter some kind of freaky cosmic storm, all bar one die. After a vicious cross-eyed nose-bleed, sole survivor Steve West (Alex Rebar) somehow makes it back to Earth but then goes on to suffer from some mysterious malady from beyond the void – he's melting! And not only that, he's going ever-so-slightly mad. Discovering that eating human flesh can slow down the process of cell-shedding (huh?), he goes on the run, or the ooze, or the drip, or the gloop, from the virtually deserted and highly unsecure hospital that was treating him and begins a reign of terror across the sunny California countryside. The authorities spare no expense in doing all they can to avoid a panic – they send out one tubby general (Myron Healey) and Steve's friend and...
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This film is so much fun. Regular on cinema horror & exploitation all nighters at the great cinema Eiren.

I absolutely NEED to get the upgrade.

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