The Incredible Hulk - Original Motion Picture Score Double-Disc Edition CD Review

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Reviewed by Chris McEneany
I may have done Craig Armstrong a disservice in my original review for the cinema release of The Incredible Hulk as my newfound appreciation for his score, here, now shows. This is, without doubt, a colossal piece of work that, whilst certainly not the best or, indeed, the most versatile of superhero scores around, is still a thematically impressive tour de force. There is grandeur here and a rogue sense of primal rage. Armstrong’s strength lies in his dedication to strong thematic resilience and aural violence and it is most assuredly his many action cues that work best for me. I still have a problem with the maudlin voice that keeps dirging its way through the score – somehow, for me, it just doesn’t pack in the kind of emotion that gets to me – but this element is a necessarily huge part of the bigger picture. My advice for fans is to get this whilst you can. Although there are no official indications of this being a limited release – like so many worthwhile soundtracks are these days – it is hard to imagine that Amazon and Marvel will keep on producing copies on this basis for long.
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