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The ideal LCD screen for a bedroom



Hi there guys

I thought I would share some of the info I have gathered in my search for the ideal flat screen tv for my bedroom

Most people who consider purchasing a Flat screen for their bedroom means they already own another unit in their living room whether its LCD or plasma and its quite likely that its size is somewhere between 37" and 50", so by now we have become acustomed to viewing TV and films on a big screen. so when you go looking at potential screens for your bedrooms you wont consider anything smaller than 26" and anything larger than 37" (unless you live in a mansion), well I have a 43" plasma for my living room and I want a lcd screen of aprox 30" or 32" for the bedroom.

In most cases this second screen would be used to watch latenight Tv programs, or whenever the situation arises where the household members wish to watch different stuff at the same time, if you purchase a screen too small whom ever ends up viewing it will feel they have ended with the short end of the stick, it often occurrs that you have started to watch a program get hooked, but you could well be tired or it may finish far later than you intended to stay awake. so a recording facility is a nice touch if it was available, as would be an integrated DVD player.

So in my opinion the ideal bedroom TV will have the following features

HD ready ( the least you would expect of modern lcd screen )
Digital tuner and analogue
Adjustable backlight (otherwise in darkness the screen will be to bright and the dark colors will look washed out)
Good quality picture
HDMI conections, minimum 1, but 2 or 3 would be better, aswell as all the other connections we expect like RGB scart, component, s video, composite,
pc input.
A built in HDD recorder would be nice (no need to get out of bed to set the recorder in the living room )
A DVD player ( they are dirt cheap nowadays and one built in cuts down on clutter, cables space, I bet the wife would prefer it too)

If you could buy a screen with all of the above at reasonable price, i reckon it would sell like hotcakes, as in you bedroom most of us dont wish to **** around with various remotes, and you dont really want lots of different pieces of equipment causing clutter.

The closest I have found is a Humax 32" with a built in HDD recorder(160 gig), only thing missing from the wish list is a DVD player


LG make a 37" lcd screen with built in HDD recorder (only 80gig) but no digital tuner, the model is LG 37LC2RR, although they have anounced in korea new models with 250 gig hd and in sizes ranging from 32" to 47", I gather in due course we shall see them over in europe soon.

Loewe makes a 32" & 37" with an optional media box which has HDD recorder,and you can also add digital satelite reciever or digital cable, I hate to think how much they will charge for it.

Oceanic, suntech, DM Tech make lcd screens with built in DVD, having seen one, I wasnt impressed by the quality of build or by the picture. (if you search through the pixmania web page, you will find them.

As for those wishing to add a DVD player to their wall mounted flat screens, I have found these; the Yamada Chili 630X and sigmatek XMB 510, the both look identical except that the sigmatek has a scaler and HDMI output. both of these can be wall mounted.

If anyone else knows of other models, please share the information.


Joe Rubido

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