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I enjoyed it too. Someone complained that Betty Gilpin spent the whole movie gurning, but for me that was the best bit! She got a lot of laughs from the audience, and was pretty badass to boot.

Nice to see the 'woke' brigade getting the p*** taken out of them, although the film satirises both sides of the political divide.


I was going to pass on this but will check it out, thanks, Cas.
Betty Gilpin is my favourite in GLOW and would watch her bounce about in many things willingly.

Casimir Harlow

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Just for info this is listed as hd on sky store not sd.
Clearly depends where you access it unfortunately; through my LG app it's SD only, which is a joke and I wish I'd noticed it on Apple and Amazon beforehand.


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Thanks Cas.

I think the premium price rental is pretty fair and to me, I would always choose to watch any film released at the same time as at the cinema this way.
I’ll definitely be giving this a bash over the next couple of days.

Stay safe mate 👍🏻


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Now 4K HDR to rent on iTunes


OK, Saw it, liked it but it does flab a bit after it gets off.
Gilpin's character is underdeveloped but then they all are really and it manages to dispense some familiar actors quite wastefully. You never get the chance to grow with them or have a sense of caring - everyone is throwaway.
But as a divergence with a few laughs and kasplats, it passes by alright.
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Enjoy this also some of the kills were pretty graphic Gilpin for me play her part well love the fight scenes 7\10


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This and the Invisible man were great! Had so much fun. On another subject, remember when cinema releases had to go through the whole process of colour correction and formatting before being released on home video which took months, now here we are, they can release it straight away into our homes!


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Saw this on the same night as The Invisible Man. Hunt was quite good but thought IM was much better - clever deployment of sound made it quite eerie at times!


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Funny and enjoyable, loved it and lots of (oh S*^T) moments
You do see some of the stuff coming from the off but that's how it goes.
The immigrant on the train talking english after they embark was the funniest bit....

Good action and head popping...
Cool 7/10 for me.


Watched it this weekend and again another thumbs up from me. Nice easy watching.


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This was average for meX watched it once and will probably never watch it again.
To be fair I watched it only because I’m locked in the house and needed something new 🤣


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I really liked it. The storyline always kept me interested and the black humour hit just the right note for me. Betty Gilpin was great although the 'gurning' did get a little distracting at times. Great action scenes with just enough wince enducing moments. As much fun as you can have with a low busget B movie. 8/10

Casimir Harlow

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Were can I watch it , best pic and sound quality of course.
Rent it in 4K from Apple. By and large they're the ones that'll give you 4K by default where other providers either don't make it available or treat it as a premium that demands extra on top. Arguably does the best 4K streaming too of all the services.

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