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For a movie that's won no less than 9 awards and a BAFTA nomination, you would be forgiven for raising an inquisitive eyebrow at the mention of Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt. It's kept a relatively low profile since it's initial run at the festivals back in 2012, where it picked up numerous nominations, including winning Best Actor at Cannes for Mads Mikkelson's portrayal of the quiet suburban teacher, Lucas. Surprisingly enough, it just hasn't managed to get the limelight it truly deserves in this country, despite the UK's infatuation with Danish drama of late. Barely a month or two in more local or art-house cinemas is all it received, for which it's distributers should really be ashamed.

The Hunt is a sure-footed examination of how adults display an almost puritanical position when it comes to children, and that their protective instinct can very easily outweigh any form...

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Active Member
Great review Alan, thanks. Could you clarify, is the video encode 1080i/50? I read in another review of this disc that that was the case.

Alan McDermott

Active Member
Quite right, it is indeed a 1080/50i transfer, but the frames it contains are progressive, so you don't get any of the judder or jagged lines you might expect with an interlaced encode.

For all intents and purposes, it's a 1080p resolution image, and I can confirm that there is no perceivable problems at all from the 1080/50i encode. :smashin:


Distinguished Member
Great review mate. I concur 100%. Stunning


Well-known Member
Well worth finding this. Not an easy 2 hours but thats what makes it such a brilliant film.
Mads Mikkelsen is simply superb
Its available on demand on Virgin if anyone is looking for it.

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