The Hobbit (R1)

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by Dirk 2, Oct 2, 2001.

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    The Rankin & Bass animated version of the Hobbit is not a very well known production. Made in 77 (a year before the Bakshi version of LOTR) it is a far more successful adaptation.

    The storyline although simplified, is true to the text. Completists may balk at the removal of Beorn and the Arkenstone from the plotline. The story is regularly punctuated with songs, the lyrics of which are often taken directly from Tolkiens work. These add to the narrative quite well.

    The charactor realisation is interesting and the animation style economical but effective. The interpretation of the Wood Elves and Gollum are curious to say the least, but thats half the fun.

    Voice talents are impressive. John Huston (Gandalf) and Richard Boone (Smaug) and Scooby Doo himself, Don Messick.

    I had not seen this before and bought this region1 (Warner) DVD on a whim. It is presented fullscreen (as it was a made for TV production) and is an average print. It makes a nice addition to the 78 LOTR that was recently released. I'd recommend it to any Tolkien fans.
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