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I picked up a loan of a DVD 25 yesterday, which I was told had been made multi-region and PAL Progressive enabled. Except it hadn't. So, assuming the dealer who gave me the loan doesn't have a problem with me doing the firmware upgrade (and I'm sure he won't, but I'll obviously ask him), I have a question.

The firmware on the Apache site has been around for quite a while. However, the firmware on the HK site (which doesn't include multi-region, obviously) is *very* new. One of the zip files is dated this month. Would I be missing anything by using the Apache upgrade? Does anyone know if there were recent changes made to the HK "official" upgrade? Should I just go ahead and use the Apache one and never think about it again?

Any comments gratefully appreciated!



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If you need MR then dont use HK firmware, but it will be the latest and should solve the Flag issue for PAL discs. Do you have a link to the latest firmware?
Apache works well but doesnt sort all the flag issues IIRC have a search as this has been discussed in depth.


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Aha, thanks for the info hornydragon. I had read a little about the flag issue alright, so that makes sense.

That leaves me in a bit of a quandary now. I have a fairly even mix of R1 and R2 discs. I think I'll stick with the Apache firmware for the moment.




ooh, haven't heard about this one... has someone finally solved that annoying subtitle glitch?
can you have your cake and eat it - pal prog, MR, and no random subtitles?
Used to sell loads of these beasts, was my favourite sub 600 quid player, if you could live with that glitch...

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