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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 10th October 2008
No-one is ever going to hail this film a classic, but with expectations lowered quite considerably, there is still a degree of gory fun to be had from it if you truly feel the need to sit through it all. But there is no denying that this is an unwanted addition to the mythology that set its sights on exploitation but still misses the target by a mile. The set-up, itself, is good and justifiably primitive – a war, cut and dried, between two societies – but the situation rapidly becomes tedious and irritating. The mutants are far less frightening than ever before - even those in Wrong Turn are far more effective than these - and their strange cult of capturing livestock with which to breed from only seems to make them more pathetic than menacing – a lost and lonely strand that is doomed to extinction rather than a seriously threatening tribe whose land even the army cannot reclaim.</p>With a cast of regrettables and shambling direction from a music video helmer, Hills 2 necessarily falls down to its gore quotient and yet, even here, it seems slightly lacking. Whilst there is plenty of claret sloshing about, the gross-out is bewilderingly inoffensive and the ease of having the environment and friendly fire take care of certain cast members is a severe letdown, when all we want from a flick such as this is all-out carnage and down-and-dirty, inter-personal conflict. I do love this mythology though, so it actually hurts to denounce this entry so much, but even with such easy-prey material there was no need to have gone down this slovenly avenue into the wastelands of the genre.

But, on the bright side, Fox’s disc has both terrific image and sound quality. The picture is crisp and sharp and highly detailed and the audio is aggressive and immersive throughout. The extras are lousy, on the whole, with only the look at the graphic novel – which many may view entirely as just an over-indulgent promo – being any good. So, summing it up – we have a disposable and generic movie bolted together with grand AV and a slew of EPK drivel. The choice is yours, folks. But, for completists, there is the best option of the double-pack version of this and the infinitely superior remake from Alexandre Aja.
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