The Hello Thread part 2


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Hi everyone, my Mrs has just bought me a LG OLED 55 C9 tv for my 50th the other day.
So hopefully I can find some advice in here about connecting it up properly & getting the best out of it.
Can’t wait to get this beauty up & running 👍
Cheers 😉


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@Atomic77 i hope the tv is gunna be as good as people keep saying 😉 I’ve rose through the ranks from rear projection tv, plasma tv, lcd tv, led 4k tv & now the Oled 4k tv 😁
Just waiting on some cables to arrive & then I can get this beauty up & running 👍

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Hi there,
I recently joined up after a lot of lurking - some things are difficult to give up - to gather opinions and advice. Planning for my 50th birthday this September and purchased (today) an LG 55 CX5 LB. Will be adding an AVR shortly so I have the audio stuff to compliment the Xbox Series X launch.

A Moody Kid

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There is a lot of help available for that.
For lurking? :D Seriously though, there's a massive amount of help. There were times I thought I'd made my mind up about a product, only for some other fact/opinion to make me think again. Despite everything, I'm going to plump for the Denon X2700H. Really looking forward to the XSX.


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Personally I check the room correction is good, it makes a big difference.
Onkyo used to use Audessy but now they are using something cheaper and the sound isn't quite right in my living room.

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