The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix) TV Show Review

Tom Davies

Editorial Contributor
Could this be one of the most polarising TV shows ever?
As much as I absolutely wouldn't recommend the show, I think this has got to be a good thing. A bit of shared cultural experience to debate is always fun.
Plus, you know, it singles out all the people who are crazy so you can delete their numbers from your phone.


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Just finished it! My God it was painfully slow, if s3 ep1 doesnt grab me from the off i will bail, lifes to short.


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Really enjoyed the 1st season and was looking forward to this, but boy were we both disappointed.
It was so slow, hardly any "scare" moments. I felt it could have been about 5 episodes shorter.
We watched it to the end, as I was curious, but probably spent more time browsing my phone than actually paying attention.


Novice Member
For me. . . (as an American) im used to American British imitations being horrible in movies. I have no reason to care though. The accuracies or inaccuracies dont bother me in the least as we are talking about a ghost movie for christ sake and nothing is real about it. . . with that said

It started a bit slow, got good in the middle, tapered off. . . went off the rails by shoving the entire back story into one segment then came crashing back to the present. It was pretty intriguing watching how she was slowly stalked by her eminent demise at the end and then it all just sort of ended. .

i give the show a 5.5.

I watched it once, thought it was okay, but i will never have the desire to go back and watch it again. I watched Season One Twice. The re-playability of season two just isn't there for me.

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