The Hammer Quatermass trilogy


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Are currently available on the Manga label in spain.

Q2 & QATP, seem to be identical in content to the US R1 discs (Anchor Bay).

The good news is the QE is also available.

Purchase from

First time I've used them so I'll let you know what there like.

However, if you don't like foreign language covers on your packaging, please put your fingers in your ears and say "la, la la can't hear you", as these disc have lovely spanish titles on them.


Active Member of those films that i saw when a wee lad, kind of stayed with me all these years
loved it
must get a copy


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Received this today. Quick service. £12 for the film £6 for the airmail.

It would appear that this and the other Manga releases (Q2, Q&TP, Plague Of Zombies, The Yehti, The Reptile etc) are all clones of the US Anchor Bay releases.

Now the picture quality is pretty good considering the age of the material, and obviously it's 4:3. There are Spanish & Portugese subtitles, but I can disable these on my laptop. Not sure if this can be done on my home system.

Quite a good deal I think.


I’ve seen some SE of Quatermass advertised any idea what in special about them?

Oh that Yeti film is this The Abominable Snowman?


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Sorry, you were right Garrett, I meant The Abominable Snowman.

These disks on the Manga label have the same extras as the R1 Anchor Bay disks. They have photo galleries and Hammer press material along with an episode of the Hammer documentary series.


I see you got the monster in my sci-fi quiz from Quatermass 2 I posted what a coincidence.

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