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Thanks Kumari, enjoyed the original and the first with Buffy but gave up after that, another pointless remake to add to the list then.


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Funny though it looks like the film will at least cover all costs at the box office. I suppose that is one of the benefits of 10M budget it's not too hard to cover costs.


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Thanks for this, exactly how I expected it to turn out though. A Netflix/NowTV job for sure.


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Best comment in a review:
"There’s a scene early on where someone is trapped inside a bag of rubbish that’s poignantly symbolic"


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I never seen the need for a remake, by the sounds of things they wasted there time


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Hollywood etc etc just do not seem to get the idea that all of 2019 (Inc all B-horrors) were flat, had no good plots, massively relied on jump scares to survive. We're a few really good horrors but nothing that actually made me feel like I was on the edge of my seat.

Then this comes out and I think, oh well, another 2019 here we come!

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