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Has it gone out of stock, I can't find juon-the grudge on cd-wow? I have the Korean R3 2-disc release (anamorphic and DD and DTS 5.1)


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there are currently four Juon films out there. Juon 1 and 2 were originally made for Japanese TV (or was it direct to video?). They were fairly cheap looking but apparently very scary, which resulted in the director finding funding to remake them for theatrical release (ie Juon-The Grudge and Juon2). Now with The Grudge having proved something of a minor worldwide success the same director is remaking it AGAIN this time with US cash, set in Tokyo and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

The TV films are available on DVD in Japan but have no english subtitles. Juon-The Grudge is the one I have seen and is now available from a few outlets.


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I have both the 2-disc theatrical releases of Juon 1 and 2 and they are well worth getting. Part 2 is not as good but still a worthy addition in my view and has some great moments.

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