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Reviewed by Simon Crust, 10th May 2011.
The Green Hornet is write/actor Seth Rogen’s attempt at bringing a lesser known ‘superhero’ to the screen. The Hornet not only works outside the law (such as Batman) but promotes himself as a criminal, so that he and his superior sidekick/martial arts experts/engineer/inventor Kato can walk with impunity within the underworld, all the while fighting for law and justice. However, by attempting to meld a buddy comedy with a superhero genre and by making the lead character thoroughly unlikeable pitched against an incompetent villain, the end result is distinctly unsavoury despite valiant attempts to bring it up to date with the latest effects, including 3D. The car, the Black Beauty, and Kato are the best parts of this film which follows a convoluted script with unnecessary additions that dilute away from what little plot there is. Rogen’s attempts at playing against the typical superhero elements whist laudable on paper have become unstuck when translated to the screen. I’m sure, somewhere, there is a Green Hornet film trying to be seen, this, unfortunately, is not it.

As a 3D Blu-ray package Sony have delivered a pretty decent looking picture, even though it's not native 3D, the third dimension works resonably for most of the film, even if it suffers from being rather unnatural, but the rest of the picture elements are excellent, and when combined with a fantastic aural accompaniment and backed up by a pretty decent extras selection we have a well stacked set. It is also a future proof buy containing, as it does, the 3D and separate 2D Blu-ray discs, both of which are Region free.

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Simon Crust

Movie Reviewer
I've listed all the subtitles in the set, that includes those on the 2D version, but I'll clear up the specs to better reflect that

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