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The greed of the BPI??

Discussion in 'Music & Music Streaming Services' started by Dumfy, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. Dumfy

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    Sep 25, 2001
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    Cardiff, UK
    Hi All,

    Just received an e-mail from CD-WOW. It says that from now they must apply a £2 surcharge to all music CD orders with a delivery address in the UK and Ireland. Aparently the BPI are insisting that all discs supplied must be sourced within the EU which will make them more expensive. Is this pure greed on the BPI's part or is there some other valid reason?

    On past experience of the rip-off UK debate, I suspect it may be greed and if so, is it any wonder people download music illegally? On a personal note, with the prices for CDs on CD-WOW being so good, I'd rather buy the original than download off the Net. This will in all probability put me off buying CDs if this is going to be the BPIs attitude. The only way these guys will understand is when you hit them where it hurts....in the pocket. Obviously, my little protest won't in any way affect them....it will take a lot more people than just me to do that. The real shame is that a decent supplier like CD-WOW will lose custom.

    Just an opinion.


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