The Great Reality TV Swindle


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I'm still not entirely sure if this whole thing was a wind up or not...

Nikita (!) Russian (aka Jack, Keith etc...) seemed to have no thought for the feelings of others, even when the guy (Daniel?) confronted him towards the end of the program he was claiming he had suffered just as much as the so called contestants.

For me, the most interesting point of the program, was how easily taken in the contestants were. You've got to admire their blinkered enthusiasm though, even after the s*** had hit the fan the still thought they could make their own TV show.

Who knows maybe they'll become non-celebrities in their own right...


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I found the show hilarious, but probably for the wrong reasons! :D

I mean, how dumb were these people, to give up their entire lives for the sake of £100,000?! And, did it not ever occur to any of these people to do some research of their own into NIk and his NRP production company, before signing their lives away?!

I admire Nik for the balls to do a stunt like this, even if he did wreck 30 peoples lives. BUT, you have to admit, some of them were complete and utter muppets, to say the least! They were beyond the nsame of "desperate TV wannabees", and more into the realm of "I'm so desperate, I'll do anything, in the hope for 30 seconds of fame."

Shame we never got to see what happened to Nik, though!


P.S. Then again, all of this show could just have been a quicky C4 cash-in, and in fact this show was totally fictitious!


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I concur with Mr. Pooch - how the hell can you actively feel sorry for people who are so utterly bereft of intelligence or sense of shame?

Why do people crave fame so much? Money I can understand, but these muppets (and many, many others like them) seem to just be after being "recognised".....I, personally can't imagine anything more intrusive or depressing than having people thinking they "know" you and constantly hassling you cos you're "famous."


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