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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 25th April 2011.

Impossible to ignore, and downright ignoble to miss out on, Intrada's sumptuous and, indeed, superlative 3-disc release is an absolute treasure. And it is not limited in any way, shape or form … so there's no excuses not to add this absolute classic to your collection.

Film scores come and go, trends shift and morph. But the bonafide masterpieces always remain the linchpins of the medium, filtering from one generation to the next and only gathering up new fans and disciples in the process each and every time. The Great Escape is one of the founder-members of this unique and extremely elite club, vastly influential and much emulated, though never bettered. It is the music of character, of heart. The film would have been great without Elmer Bernstein's ebullient and rousing score … but, with it, it is magnificent.

Telling the story without images – although the scenes from The Great Escape are so indelible that will surely play in your mind's eye as you listen – this is a magical experience of sensory rapture. So, climb out of that tunnel for a bit, dust yourself down, and be transported to a time when combined effort and valour and pride really meant something.

Intrada's release of Elmer Bernstein's The Great Escape gets top marks, through and through.

Lock yourself in, grab that baseball and crank up the sound! Even the neighbours won't mind this one.

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