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The grand PC / Home Audio Challenge

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by L16h7fo07, May 25, 2005.

  1. L16h7fo07


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    Hi Everyone. :hiya:

    The predicament is simple...

    I have a PC, XBOX, DVD Player and TV-02 (AG-Neovo TV Tuner), 2 x Monitors and Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 P5800.

    I'm looking to use this existing package to get surround sound on the XBOX, PC and PC.

    The Speakers are designed for PC use only. I have managed to get Surround Sound working on that. Is there anyway I can use the hardware I have now to obtain surround sound on all the peripherals?


    Will I need to buy an ADDITIONAL amp or piece of kit? My room is VERY small and I have a tiny budget know because of spending hundreds on this setup. So please bear that in mind, I'll be looking for the cheapest (economic ;) ) solution.

    I hope this makes sense to you all it took me weeks of planning to get where I am at the moment, and I still only get sound through one speaker when watching TV, DVD or playing XBOX.

    My Goals in order of priority are:

    Surround Sound for XBOX / DVD.
    Being able to Record sound on my PC from the XBOX / DVD
    Surround Sound on PC (Works ok with DVDs and Games)
    I really hope someone can help, if not Mods advice will be taken wholeheartedly.

    I spent alot of time organising and getting this post right so it should all be there. If not please ask for more info.


    Here goes...

    Current Video Setup

    PC Connected to TV-02 (Providing the Screen)

    XBOX, DVD connected to TV-02 (Providing Video Input - Which works ok)

    Current Audio Setup (! Problem Area !)

    XBOX + DVD Connected to TV-02

    TV-02 Connected to PC Capture Card

    PC Capture Card connected to Creative Sub / Receiver

    Creative Sub Sending Audio to 5 Satellite Speakers.

    Problems, DVD and XBOX sound not recording on PC capture card, Surround Sound not working on XBOX, DVD or TV.

    Hardware Specs for all hardware involved.

    XBOX Specs 1 Specs 2

    Video In / Out

    Can have either:
    Video Out (Line Out) S-video, V-Phono, Scart, Coaxial.

    S-Video and V-Phono
    Scart and S-Video
    Scart and V-Phono
    High Definition

    Audio In / Out

    Audio Out (Line Out) Optical or Phono

    It may be possible to get a Phono and Optical Lead. However the Video Options are for Scart only. There are many Leads available for the XBOX offering lots of combinations of Audio and Video Outputs.

    DVD Player Link To Specs

    Audio In / Out

    Audio In (Line In) Phono (Red and White)
    Audio Out (Line Out) SPDIF Optical
    Audio Out (Line Out) 5 x Phono (Speakers)

    Video In / Out

    Video In (Line In) V-Phono (Yellow)
    Video In (Line In) Coaxial (Orange Phono Plug)
    Video Out (Line Out) Scart
    Video Out (Line Out) V-Phono
    Video Out (Line Out) Scart

    TV-02 Link to Specs

    Video In / Out

    Video In (Line In) V-Phono In (DVD)
    Video In (Line In) S-Video In (Xbox)
    Video In (Line In) VGA In (From PC)
    Video In (Line In) Coaxial In (For TV)
    Video Out (Line Out) VGA Out (Turns PC into Monitor)

    Audio In / Out

    Audio In (Line in) Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm (Split XBOX and DVD)
    Audio Out (Line Out) Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm (To Speakers)

    Creative Speakers Link to Specs (Sub / Amp Unit)

    Audio In / Out

    Audio In (Line In) 1 x Digital 5.1 channel audio line-in (mini-phone stereo 3.5mm x 1)
    Audio In (Line In) 3 x Mini-phone stereo 3.5mm In (From PC)
    Audio Out (Line Out) 5 x Phono (2x rear, Left + Right, Centre)

    PC (Shuttle SN85Gv2) Link to specs

    Audio In / Out

    Audio Out (Line Out) 3 x mini-phone stereo 3.5mm In (Speakers)
    Audio Out (Line Out) SPDIF Optical

    Audio In (Line In) SPDIF Optical
    Audio In (Line In) 1 x Mini-phono stereo 3.5mm (Microphone Socket)

    Video In / Out

    Video Out (Line Out) VGA
    Video Out (Line Out) DVI
    Video Out (Line Out) S-Video

    PC STILL - Capture Card - WinFast XP 2000 (No Link)

    Audio In / Out

    Audio In (Line In) mini-phone stereo 3.5mm
    Audio Out (Line Out) mini-phone stereo 3.5mm

    Video In / Out

    Video In (Line In) Coaxial (Not used)
    Video In (Line In) Special S-Video. Connector included splitting to S-Video and V-Phono.

    I have a mass of Couplers, Wires, Splitters and converters...could you use Maplins Link to Maplin as they are close and have most of the wires needed I bet ;).

    Anyway. I eagerly await your response.

    John (Lightfoot) Palmer.

  2. L16h7fo07


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    Well thanks alot for all your help guys...

    In the end I sorted it out myself. With a little trial and error.

    I managed to get a lead from JoyTech for my Xbox that has S-Video / Coaxial or Scart and Optical output. So my set up although a little muddled is working ok...WITHOUT the need for any additional Hardware... :)

    System set-up for anyone that may have a similar predicament is...


    Audio - Optical to PC Optical SPDIF

    Video - S-Video to TV-o2 (Neovo Tuner)


    Audio - Phono to TV-o2 (Neovo Tuner)

    Video - Phono to TV-o2 (Neovo Tuner)


    Audio - To Aux in Sub (Creative Surround Sound)

    Video - (PC VGA Converter) Monitor 1


    Audio - To 3 x Mini Phono 3.5mm in Sub (Creative Surround Sound)

    Video - VGA 1 to TV-o2 DVI to Monitor 2

    Capture Card

    Audio - Using SPDIF input for sound (XBOX)

    Video - Splitter from S-Video (XBOX)

    So....Mission accomplished...

    XBOX has 5.1 Surround...even on Halo 2. DVD works too...I can Capture Halo games and my PC still has Surround sound...

    Little tippette for anyone that's thinking of attempting this...My PC uses an on board nVidia 5.1. Initially although the XBOX worked fine, my speakers insisted on Popping and Cracking when playing anything on the PC.

    I had to update the Drivers and it stopped... ;)


    One day I hope this helps someone!...[Mods this may need to be moved to the XBOX forum...?!]

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