The Goonies 4K UHD


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Hey, UHD Guys...


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In...a..heart beat! :clap:

I can now tick The Goonies off my most wanted 4k wanted list. :thumbsup:

UMAR 3:16

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Really do we need this? Ok I’ll buy it

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All it needs is WCG, HDR & decent grainy scan to be an absolute stunning looking disc as at the production phase they spent a lot of money & time on physical sets, set lighting & moody cinematography!

Just be very grateful WB still seem happy to put these 1980s 4K UHD Discs out as many other studios are simply not bothering anymore & prefer to lose a fortune on digital download only catalog titles than spend a few bucks pressing the disc & packaging (although the real reason is more likely the compression codec licensing royalty fees!)

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