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Anyone got this yet ?
I was wondering how good a job they have made with the 5.1 sound & picture.
Also what about the extra footage restored ?


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I've ordered this on R1 only because I prefer the front cover better. So I too would be interested in any opiniions on this classic film. :)


Would also be interested, in particular the scenes after tuco getting to the cemetary and what the music sounds like in 5.1 from there onwards.


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I've haven't seen this version yet, but I've heard the distintive "spaghetti western" gunshot sound effects from the original version have been replaced with new gunfire effects.

I hope this isn't the case because if it's true, then for me it will completely ruin the atmosphere of the film.

In my book, removing the original sound effects from a classic film and replacing them with something more modern is a big mistake.


removing the original sound effects from a classic film and replacing them with something more modern is a big mistake.
The replacement of the gunshot is in the 5.1 mix, The R1 is still going to have the original audio in Mono - Italian.

Most R2 people are getting the R1 for this reason alone but I'll be happy with the new 5.1 track when I get the R1 disc.

There was a review a while ago on the new R2 disc what sounded fantastic.

Check out DVD-Basen for more reviews.

DVD Review Site



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the 5.1 seems to be quite varied i had a quick flick through it last night(R2) some of the sound could pass as mono then it suddenly bursts out int 5.1! the main thing is the music in stereo(though my original lp in stereo does seem to sound like it has more frequency range!) the picture is truly amzing considering how old it is, i wouldnt say it looks as good as "once upon a time in the west" but it would give it a run for its money, like i said i only had a quick flick through and im not dissapointed!(though i will get the region1 for the mono version((even though ive waited all those years for a 5.1 version!!!))
the gunfire was ...weird! the scene i jumped to first(the one where "ecstasy of the gold" plays) and blondie lights the cannon with his cigar, the first explosion sounded like an original western, the 2nd sounded like the destruction of the death star!
if i get time(nedd alot of time for this!) ill watch it in full and report back!


Pj you will have to let us know once you have viewed it, would also be interested in the gun fire and whether it does sound authentic or not.

Also did you own the old version if so is it worth upgrading?


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i did have the old one so it was worth upgrading as there is additional stuff in the movie that was not even in the extended cut the last time! plus u get audio commentary and a 2nd disc too!


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There's a documentary on the second disc about how it was restored for dvd, they mention adding new sound effects for the surrounds because they were unable to seperate the sound effects from the music. There sound seems generally very quiet with the odd really loud explosion which sounded like it was added on.


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Thanks for all your replies
Watched this last night.Have to say I was very disappointed with sound,music sounds to me like the mono mix just played through front three speakers. The rest of mix also very disappointing , very little use of rear speakers.Also when characters speak off camera you get sound from L or R but not blended with centre.
Can't really fault picture.
Also worth it for extra footage.
Have not watched 2nd disc yet


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Ordered mine from DvD Soon :smashin:
worked out at £11.37 for a 2 disc , good price

What shell I do with my old R1 release ? ?

Have to say love the Film :D


Duncan Harvey

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isnt that more down to the fact that all of the dialogue of the non leads was looped in post production as the bulk of the actors could not speak English?

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