The Good Old Naughty Days - Quick review!

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by PoochJD, May 24, 2004.

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    Morning Everyone,

    Well, I ordered this disc from Movietyme for a measly £10-99, and it arrived within 10 days. (Thanks Craig! :thumbsup: ) And HM Customs didn't even nab it for themselves! :rotfl: Now I thought it might be worth sharing my view of this film with everyone else.

    Okay, for those who don't know, this is a series of 1920's French black-and-white films, that were shown to customers waiting in Parisian brothels. About two months ago, the BBFC certificated this with an R18 certificate, but did allow it to be shown in cinemas within the UK, provided they applied to their local council for "Club Cinema Conditions". (In short, patrons wanting to see this film had to apply 24 hours in advance, agree to a list of terms and conditions, and provided they were over 21, could then go and see the film.)

    As far as I know, the film is only being shown in London, in one cinema.

    However, as I was keen to see whether or not this film really was as rude as it was claimed, I decided to order the DVD instead.

    Okay, first things first. The film IS very graphic, even in comparison to modern-day hardcore adult films. This being a family website, I can't detail what is shown, but if you've ever watched or heard about the generic contents of a hardcore adult film, then you won't be surprised by the contents of "The Good Old Naughty Days"! :devil:

    Secondly, even though this is technically a pornographic film, it's actually very, very erotic, and highly sensual. Unlike most films of this nature, there is a genuinely playful romantic theme running throughout, and it's not the kind of film that anyone should be worried about owning, or about watching with a loved-one.

    The very fact that the films were made over 80 years ago, does mean that they are pretty badly damaged. However, the end-result after digital remastering has removed a lot of the worst problems, and even though a lot of scratches remain, they add a lot of welcome atmosphere upon viewing!

    The disc is in the original 1.33:1 ratio, with some English and some French inter-titles. (Not all the French has been translated, but don't let that worry you.) There are no etras, but the disc does have 4 interesting trailers for other Strand Releasing DVD releases, including a very funny one for an adult Australian comedy film.

    If you want something different, and are broadminded, then I would recommend this film. Whilst the content is graphic, and doesn't shy away from showing anything and everything, I didn't find the film wallowed in its sordidness, like many modern hardcore films. And for that, I am grateful.

    There was something delightfully risque about watching these shorts, knowing that the people taking part were not faking anything, and weren't trying to pretend to be anything other than themselves, albeit in dodgy costumes. (Think suspect amateur dramatics society-type costuming, and you'll get the idea.)

    There are both live-action and animated sequences, some are serious and some are funny. Yet all are worth viewing at least once. The English intertitles also detail the history of the films, and add a certain documentary feel to the whole scenario.

    An interesting oddity, and something I would heartedly recommend. :smoke:


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