the good old 9986 Buzz! :(


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ok heres the deal i got my 2nd 9986 today from John Lewis

1st one was a buzzer.

set it up tonight - exactly the same

s/w ver 2.0

buzzing like a buzzy thing.

I made sure i paid a visit to my local JL last sat the have a listen to there set and that made no buzz that i could hear.

Mine goes up and down with the contrast, virtualy goes with the ambilight off but not totaly.

It seems to come from the top of the set roughly in the middle, and its very like your standard power supply under load hum/buzz.

When volume up to normal levels its not a prob - but late at night low levels its audible.

What i would like to know is do you guys with the zero buzz sets hear anything when say sitting 8-10 feet away with the sound on mute? as i do.

And ofc with my head stuck at the back its quite loud

I'll be calling JL tommorow to try and get something sorted out and would love to know for sure that there really are sets out there that do not buzz :)

sorry for long post and thanks in advance!


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They all buzz. And not only 9986's! There's a thread about a buzzy Panny here somewhere. And if it doesn't buzz, it has fan noise, which, thank goodness the Philips doesn't suffer from.

Mine is a 'non buzzer', but it can still be heard if you listen for it, but only at really low volumes. You say yours virtually stops buzzing when you don't run the Ambilight. What is the Ambilight set at? Turn down its intesity and run it at 'relaxed' and that'll shut it up a bit. A little 'Tizzing' is normal from the Ambilight and a little buzzing from the Contrast regulator is also normal.

It sounds to me like this set isn't far off being OK.



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i have sent mine to be repaired i will keep you informed what they say or do,they will probably say there isnt a problem with it!


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Well im going to pay JL a visit today so i can have a listen to there shop set and try and sort something out.

imo its definetly too loud - ofc i expect a small amount of hum when close but the level i have is unacceptable.

It's gutting as apart from this problem i love the set.

But its not helping things that now this morning the wife was asking me why it would not turn on from the remote or the set top buttons, i had to remove the power cable - leave - then reinsert to get any life :(


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just to keep people informed.

I have refused an engineer visit and on Monday im going back to JL with the current set and checking out the new one there before i take it away.

The one in the store did not buzz at all - unless you ear was rammed into the back of it. And even then hardly audible.

Tried contrast up and down, ambilight on/off dynamic/relaxed low/high intensity. And there was no buzz/fuzz what so ever on the shop set.


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I can hear my ambilight buzz from 3-4 metres away when I have the sounds low/off. I previewed my set in the store before getting it home and couldn't hear the buzz unless I put my ear right up against it. It is a lot harder to hear in store due to the ambient noise. My lounge is also quite minimal with hard floors and walls and therefore little in the way of things to absorb sound, hence I notice it more than most.


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Mine buzzes a tiny amount, that you can just hear if you get very close with sound off. With ambilight it buzzes more, you can hear it from about 3 meters away pretty easy in a very quiet room.
So i'd say you deffinately have something dodgy if it buzzes that much with no ambilight on.


Mine doesn't make any noise. I've even had the volume on 0 and my ear virtually touching the back - no buzzing at all!

It is wall mounted, possibily that might make a difference? I wouldn't of thought so though!


ianh64 said:
Not all displays buzz. Mine creaks as it warms up!
I have a Dell W1700 and it did the same when it was new. I was difficult to judge if it was due to heating up or because of sparks. I used it to replace an old CRT TV which had a damaged EHT cascade, so it sometimes sparked inside. Familiar sound, but not very welcome for the new TV.

However, it has stopped after some time. Probably the plastic has settled in a state where it no longer moves every time the set warms up.

My 9986 only buzzes when I stand next to it. And less than the rattle from a CRT TV.

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Have to say that mine has a very very very low buzz. It does change when the contrast is adjusted. Never been a problem. Mine is also wall mounted. I would agree with inventor that the whine from the Sky+ box is much worse!!

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