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The Good Lord Bird (Sky) TV Show Review & Comments


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This sounds great, Tom. Definitely my cuppa. Will give it a watch for sure.


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Thanks for the review, I’ll give this a go.

I see on Sky Q it’s in UHD, all available to download.


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Thanks Tom, starting it off now, sounds like my cup of tea 👍


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Brilliant show.
Watched it week by week.
Language will offend some.
Ethan Hawke rivals Mark Ruffalo (I know this much is true) for tv performance of the 2020.

Enjoy the 7 episodes onions :)


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Nice Tom, nice.

I had this pegged a bit back and had forgotten all about it till I noticed it yesterday when boxing off Lovecraft Country.

Sounds like a suitable transition to make.


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Balmy first episode :laugh:

Felt a little disjointed, but you could tell Hawke was throwing himself into the role. More than made up for any shortcomings.

Looks like it'll be a lot of fun anyway.

Had a Tarantino-esque feel to it as well.

Sir QD oled

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It's already in my watch-list only thing you did is confirmation of it's quality;):thumbsup:


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Watched first episode last night...definitely Tarantino-esque and Hawke is great in the role although he's a very hyper/shouty character. Wasn't completely hooked but did enjoy the dialogue and humour.


This is good fun overall and manages to not be too preachy - which is ironic -, whilst offering a smattering of historic value.
It also makes for a welcome change, of late at least, for a show to dare show both good, bad and unquestionably idiotic black characters and be pretty unapologetic with them at times. Clearly though, it's mainly white characters of the time (?), who deservedly take the brunt.
Hawke is excellent and it did feel like it sometimes suffered without him, although I'd imagine much more could've been too much and Johnson manages to Carry On (!) things in the main without him.
Period pieces (comic air or otherwise) generally had me questioning if people portrayed to be that dense were done so, at times, unfairly or remotely realistically. Recent times have swung my opinion (or is that onion) more firmly in the yes direction: they were pretty stupid and unchallenging to say the least - why am I visualising Blazing Saddles...,


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Boxed this off last night. I actually really enjoyed it in the end, and 7 episodes felt about right.

Hawke was excellent, the best thing he's done since Training Day. Really got into the character of John Brown, and I imagine he had a lot of fun as well.

I agree with Encaser above too, it was a welcome change from what we're used to seeing now. Pulled few punches and went for the throat on occasion. And of course back in those days things weren't pretty at all.

Good support from Onion and the rest of the cast. I thought it got the balance between comedy and drama spot on, which is no easy feat with such subject matter.

Doesn't appear to be much chatter on here about this though which is a shame. I'd highly recommend it.


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Thanks for the review (and comments) I have now added this to my watch list.

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