The Getaway: Prog Scan?


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I have read somewhere that the getaway has progressive scan support. Can anyone confirm this?


ihave the game...and yes it does

In the display menu

3.Progressive scan.

Top stuff.

FANTASTIC game too :)

Not one for the kids though..a healthy amount of marvelously foul language in evidence !!


Have you actaully tried this - I have now had the componet video lead for my PS dropped through the letterbox, hooked it up to the component in on my plasma, and flicked through PAL, NTSC and Progressive.

PAL and NTSC display as 580i and 480i, but first time I tried Prog Scan the TV didn't switch quickly enough for me to confirm it

Tried again and confirmed the choice 'blind' and after a mo the TV displayed 480p - great, BUT the picture is a bit purple (all the white is purple) and is scaled well of the bottom of the screen. None of the screen sizing options are enabled

Noticed the manual specified that the TV needs to be 525p compatible, mine detects 480p, but these are the same thing aren't they?

Unfortunately don't have another Prog Scan source to try (DVD player was a 'best buy' 2.5 years ago!) and funnily enough don't have another prog scan TV to try the playstation on!

Therefore not sure whether its the PS2, just that game or the TV

BTW the TV is Pioneer 433HDE which I believe from the forum shoudl take 480p??

(and PLEASE don't tell me I should have bought an MXE, I did the research and really wanted the tuner, features and ease of connection and John Lewis sold it to me for £4250 inc underslung speaker, stand and 5yr warranty)


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I thought the HDE was not compatible with a PAL progressive signal, which is surely what a UK PS2 will output? Have you tried enabling NTSC output in the game first, then trying the progressive option in the menu?

Just a thought...


Yup tried enabling NTSC first - no different

The manual definately states 525P which I though was NTSC, allthough I agree you might have thought the UK PS2 would output PAL Prog.

I am about to post a question on Pioneer FAQs, will post any useful info I get back


You have tried this right?

Boot your ps2 with NO disc.
Go into System Configuration
Select component video out & make sure its set correctly.


Yup - set the component out to that funny list of letters (lots of P,Y and /) that I can't remember right now, rather than RGB. If set to RGB you get no picture at all as the lead is connected to component in on the media box, so I am sure that it is correct as the interlaced PAL/NTSC signals look fine.

My favorite theory at the moment is that the PS2 is outputing 575P regardless of what the games manual says (Which the tv doesn't support) and the TV is interpreting as 525P(480P), which would explain why is doesn't fit on the screen etc.

Unless Pioneer come up with any bright ideas this will probably have to wait until I can try a different source or a different Plasma (always trying to convince my mates to buy one!)


I know some people that may have Progscan Screens + The Getaway. I'll ask around and post back.


I had exactly the same problem with the getaway on my panny plasma - you get a pink picture when you select progressive scan.

The solution (thanks to Joe!) is to set your panny plasma into RGB mode instead of Component (even though you are using the component input). Bizarre, but it works!

I have an even more amazing picture now!

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