The Getaway... Is it Out yet?


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as the title says, I've read a few posts saying that some people have it, wher can I get it?

Also is the offical release date still the 11th?


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up in glasgow a few indy shops had on sale saturday also some Game shops were selling it


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Thanks for that m8,

Do you know what Game stores are selling it as the
ones thru here in Edinburgh won't sell it so if I told
them what Game store in Glasgow was, then they


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not 100% sure about this but the game in sauchiehall street usualy sell early dont know if they had this on sale but also a few games down south sold early as well as some hmv and some woolworth shops . I think they can only do this if some other shop broke the street date first


Shops can get done for it regardless of other shops releasing it.

I got my copy as I'm on the gratis Sony mailing list.

Smug ;)


Just picked up a copy at GAME in Brent Cross - i'd never even heard of it. The manager of the shop recommended it to me - so i've no idea what to expect.

Inciddentally i've just put the game on and i've mooched around the options, there seems to be an option for progressive scan. Is this likely to be better than RGB??

I bought a cable upgrade in HMV a year ago, i know it's RGB capable but not sure if it'll handle progressive.

Pretty sure my tv can handle it though.

Any ideas? Cheers




This game is very poor from what I've played so far.

Can anyone say "Clunky GTA3 clone with lots of unfashionable use of the F*** word"

Oh well, at least I've got Splinter Cell + Vice City to keep me happy ;)


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Cheers for the info guys, Game were selling it today.

Just a quick question to anyone that has bought it, does it come with a manual as mine's only came with the map of London?


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Just get a London A-Z :)
Looks like a quick nip into Game tomorrow to demand my manual.

What are everyones first impressions of the game?

Driving is fine however the walking/shooting takes a bit of getting used to.

Bob Todd

Originally posted by snake II
is this game a ps2 exclusive or will it be out for the cube and pc
there will be PC version, but no this game wont be out on the cube or xbox.

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