The gaming industry is dying (EA to blame in part)


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As the title says it’s dieing the gaming industry

There is not 1 game I want to play this weekend so needing to find a different hobby and I can’t see things getting better

Call of duty modern warfare - latest patch has increased pace of game as they think quicker pace means greater engagement. Wrong it’s just more stressful

Black ops 4 black out ruined by snipers who know how to 1 kill

Black ops 3 full of hator spam

Modern warfare remastered seems to be full of helicopter spam now

So that’s call of duty down the pan

Apex legends even managed to spoil this game with constant morons going off into the sunset on your team unless they are ai robots and poor new map focusing on sniping probably because EA took over it’s way forward

Star Wars killed by EA with lootboxes wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole

Fifa again killed by EA with lootboxes and rigging game results with scripting

Battlefield killed by incompetence in developers as all experienced staff has left so full of school leavers constantly breaking the games EA again providing woeful leadership in its development

Normally I can fall back on a game of rocket league when things get bad but after trying to join 7 games where the opposing team is full of 3 man squads even had to give up on that

Where are games going? Is it always squad play so have to play in teams of friends. Is frantic and stressful considered fun. Lootbox enticement is a complete turn off

So many things wrong with this generation of so called games I’m going to have to take up reading books or another hobby


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Sounds like you mean multiplayer is dying, ironically single player is thriving, which was supposed to have died out by now in favour of the cluster duck you're describing..


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Looks like you want to try something new, but that is difficult to find in console games as the budgets are too high to take risks. But the indie scene has never been so vibrant as it is now. There are a lot of good, innovative games out there.


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You do know that the newest StarWars games has zero loot boxes or any form of in game purchase, or are you just not interested because it’s not an online shooter?.

Whenever I’m having a gaming funk I try and play something completely different to what I’m usually playing, like my go to online game is pubg, but when I’m doing atrocious on that I’ll crack on with something else. Today I started playing Heavy Rain (ten year old interactive movie style of cinematic story driven game) and also dug out my old 3DSXL for some classic Nintendo goodness.

Really it’s super easy to find great games, I’d recommended picking up a cheap second hand Xbox (you’d get one near the price of a AAA psn preorder for the latest big shooter) and checking out gamepass, play something completely alien to you Untitled Goose Game, Dead Cells, Two Point Hospital etc. It’s a great way to rediscover you’re love of gaming away from the vitriol and connection dependent nature of the online side.


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Most games today are spoilt by the money model they follow or by cheaters. Cheating really annoys me as it spoils the game for people trying to play it fairly. I have gone retro -

Rasp Pi with Retropie for old console games etc for older PC games if you have one.

I am even looking into getting my Speccy 48K online setup done so I can go back to some of the exceptional games from that era.


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I know exactly what you're saying. Shooters these days with their loot boxes etc... Meh.
Take a look at Hunt. Showdown.
I'm looking into this atm... Hoping to purchase next week maybe. Its slower than all the other shooters you've mentioned... Then go back to games you may have missed... Lots of great single player games out there.


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There is not 1 game I want to play this weekend

That's a you problem, only joking seriously though maybe there's something you can play thats been staring you right in the face all along. Get yourself down to the coliseum and play some Rocket League its brilliant.

TLOU mp is great fun as well very underated.


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The thing is the computer games industry is not dying it is thriving. It is more successful now than it ever has been.

You are listing out a few games that you are not enjoying and TBH they are the games for the masses, so I am not sure what you are expecting. And AFAIK Star Wars was sorted.

As someone said - expand your horizon in terms of games.

Online gaming has never been as good as the days of Savage and Barry's World IMO, but it is no worse now than it has been for the last few years.


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I only say this to give you a heads up, others have given you sound advice imo and I would echo what they have already suggested.

If you are going to move on I would advice you sell your console(s) quickly, sales of new consoles have dropped off in a big way and in the U.S they have already reduced the prices of both consoles, it makes sense that it's going to happen here also, if it does happen then second hand prices will also drop so you will take a bigger hit.


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Gaming is definitely not dying off, it's better than ever....but...I had a similarish problem yesterday when I had a day off work.

Loaded up a few games to play and kept dying so got frustrated and gave up on all of them. Resident Evil 7, Nioh, Batman, it was either me dying with no chance of getting through a section or some stupid bit which just annoyed me (the batmobile versus tanks in Batman for example). All I wanted to do was try and finish a game from my massive backlog.

To me, a lot of games are just too difficult and I don't have time learn all these mechanics to defeat enemies or keep replaying after dying. I really like the look of Dark Souls etc... but know I'll just give up immediately like I did with Bloodbourne. I'm all for taxing, tough games (and used to play them), but they should always give us an easy option for people who just don't have time to do a single area over and over for 2 hours.

Oh and then I thought RDR2 would be a good option...after riding to a mission just to punch someone which took 30 minutes in total I gave up on that. Had a quick blast on Uncharted 4 though which I've finished already and that was a lot more satisfying.

Today I think I'll stick with GT Sport and maybe some VR :)

You said you might go to reading a book but why not try some singlepayer games - similar to books with great stories and generally much more fun to play. I found most multiplayer games just get boring after an hour or so of doing the same thing.


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Yeah, I suggest getting into single player games. All those games you mentioned are rubbish first person shoot em ups that I wouldn't even dream of playing. There are quite a few great single player games out there.

That being said, I do agree with one user on here about games being more complex than back in the PS1 era. It doesn't have to be but for some reason, developers make it so.


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Another Rocket League fan here.

Although let's not mention the huge fudge up with the creates/blueprints on there.

The game though is awesome and pretty much the only game I play now.


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I gave up playing multiplayer games about a year or so ago and haven't missed it. There are so many quality single player games to play: god of war, spider man, horizon zero dawn, days gone to name a few.

The games industry isn't dieing, just the multiplayer aspect of games.

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