The Future then? with new Generation OLED


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I think you will end up paying a very high premium for that TV even if it goes on sale in 2012 there is no guarantee it will even come out in the UK.


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They are saying from $5000 ...but why would it not come to the UK, surely every top TV does?
Sharps Elite didnt. Id not buy the first wave anyway, not only will you pay a high premium but will more likely have issues. As tempting as it would be Id hold off for now.


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This news is very probably going to change my plans for my next TV purchase once I see what announcements are made next week, but maybe in a non-obvious way.

I was originally intending to get as good a 46" LED replacement for my 7 year old plasma panel as I could find and was contemplating a Philips 9706 (about £2300). If OLED really is on the horizon then I think that I'll go and snap up a Samsung d7000 at a good price if some deals appear after the new ranges are announced. The Samsung would be a worthwhile improvement on my old SD plasma and should keep me going for the next 2 or 3 years by which time OLED will hopefully be somewhat affordable (maybe comparable in price to a Philips 9706 today) and any early issues with the technology ironed out.

I suspect that for me the above plan might be the best and most cost-effective way to scratch the "I want a new TV now" itch that I have at the moment whilst also getting me to really superb picture quality fairly soon, at which point I should have something that will last me for another 7 years (possible OLED longevity concerns not withstanding - hopefully that's one of the technology issues that will be a non-issue by then, along with image retention)

- Julian

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