Question The future, the PS5, and which route to take?

The PS5 should ...

  • Be as powerful as possible and offer cutting edge connected experiences

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  • Sacrifice power in favour of the convenience that portability can provide

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I was reading an article on Push Square today (Poll: Do You Want Another Portable PlayStation?) and it raised a vaguely interesting question regarding Sony's portables, how they have been burned, but has the relative success of the Nintendo Switch shown there is a demand for portable gaming.

So, in terms of the PS5, would you like it to be the most powerful in can be (within reason) and a further development of the PS4 and Pro.

Or, would you be happy to see a modest or no improvement in the power of the PS4 if they could make the PS5 a more portable device, with hardware similar to the Switch.

Its a hypothetical discussion really. We all know that Sony will likely go for all out power. But it thought its an interesting discussion point.

i do not want a hand held i have no use for it. i want things to go on like they have at the moment but i want the ps5 to be backwards compatible with ps4


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I want balanced hardware with more than Jaguar apu, Dolby Atmos and Vision fully compitable, with more Sony exclusive games, not portable console for max 400 usd


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There is no way Sony will ever make another portable and have it succeed, the only way Sony could compete would be if it had 100% compatibility with the PS4 software library and development kits that devs use to build games, that is simply impossible from a practical point.

Building true custom hardware is not something Sony can afford to do any more, the parts it uses are all off the shelf PC hardware parts just tweaked a little here and there.

X86 hardware is not suited to handhelds, it guzzles power, puts out a ton of heat and Sony is now wedded to X86, the PS5 is going to be X86 based.

The best Sony could do is make a travel PS4, think of a small laptop only with PS4 internals.


I have a Vita. It never gets used. If I wanted a Switch I'd buy one.


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Non handheld for me. Want it to build on ps4 and pro and go with more power but have it balanced so cpu can keep up with the gpu to give higher framerates. They need a system thats easy to design games for unlike the ps3. Also a uhd player and BC with ps4 games would be nice.


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Personally I'm not convinced the Switch succeeded because it's portable, the games are the key, portability is a bonus.


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Not really arsed about power. I just want to keep seeing and producing more exclusives I enjoy. It's the main reason I have preference to the PS4 over an Xbox.


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Not really arsed about power. I just want to keep seeing and producing more exclusives I enjoy. It's the main reason I have preference to the PS4 over an Xbox.
This ^.

I bought a Switch for the games that I can’t play on any other system. The PS has more/better exclusives (IMHO) than the XBox. I do prefer the XBox joypad over the PS pad though. By a long way.

edit: Quietness is something Sony need to get a grip on with whatever hardware arrives next. My PS Pro hums and whirs annoyingly. Bit of APITA when watching movies. Fix that please Sony.
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No, Sony can’t possibly compete with tablets, mobiles and the Switch now. It should only concentrate on home consoles and streaming services if it wants to go portable, like Microsoft.
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I have a Switch, almost never used anymore, especially after they started charging a sub for online. Basically used on the toilet and only then when someone else has the iPad.

Even the kids gave up on it ages ago.

So, it’s a no from me.

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