The future looks bright (Panasonic 1080p 50")


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Osaka, Japan - Panasonic, the leading brand for which Matsush*ta Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is best known, today announced the company has developed a prototype of a 50-inch plasma display panel (PDP) with 1080p (progressive) resolution. The prototype is the world's smallest PDP that delivers more than two million pixels (1,920 × 1,080) and the same brightness as its current high definition (1,366 × 768) model TH-50PX500. Panasonic unveiled the prototype at CEATEC JAPAN 2005 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo. The exhibition commenced today and will run until October 8.

Superior characteristics of the PDP such as true-to-life color reproduction, dynamic contrast, quick response to moving images and wide viewing angles make it an ideal device for TVs. In the past, technical challenges in securing brightness and stable discharge from tiny pixels1 prevented manufacturers from obtaining 1080p resolution for 50-inch and smaller PDPs.

Panasonic has overcome the technical hurdles. The 50-inch 1080p PDP offers the same high aperture ratio and brightness as the current 50-inch HD model. To achieve the high aperture ratio and high-speed pixel drive, the company used its own technologies developed for the 65-inch 1080p PDP. Panasonic also established technologies to make ribs2 thinner and phosphors tinier. The prototype displayed at CEATEC JAPAN 2005 incorporates a new drive circuit that enables stable light emission. These technologies will enable Panasonic to offer PDPs in many popular-sized large-screen flat-panel TVs without compromising accurate and high-quality images that only PDPs can deliver.

Most of the current terrestrial digital broadcasts in Japan are 1080i (interlaced, 1,440 × 1,080) resolution. As some of these broadcasts are converted from standard definition (720 × 480), the current HD panels are more than capable of reproducing those signals. As digital HD broadcasting services are spreading and improving in the world, higher quality images, exceeding the current HD broadcasts, are expected to air in the near future.

Anticipating the future progress and increasing demand for such HD content, Panasonic has pursued development of 1080p-capable PDPs and succeeded in commercially producing the 65-inch 1080p PDP TV (TH-65PX500). The model will be available in Japan from November 1, 2005.

With the development of the 50-inch 1080p PDP, Panasonic will accelerate its efforts in furthering its high-resolution and high-quality picture technologies and continue to offer enhanced value to consumers.



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Holy momma, its like a PV500 but with an extra sexy black bit at the bottom! Thats the sort of TV you'd want to sell your pinky toes and a kidney for! :eek:


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Its near double the the resolution, true best of the best High Definition, this is what the XBox 360 and the PS3 were made for >.<


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There is a 1920X1080i 65" plasma out just now in Japan.
Price wise its about 4000 quid price wise.
Not sure how much the 50" will come out for. I imagine it should be cheaper since it is smaller.

Looks like Matsushta are going plasma all the way! Surprising since they do suffer from burning and all.

Most other Japanese companies are going down the LCD route. Toshiba might go with SED.

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