The Future for Plasma Prices



I really would like to purchase a 32" plasma tv, but I'm reluctant to go steaming into what might be an embryonic technology (been stung before by being an early adopter!). What is the consensus - will prices drop another 40 - 50% in the coming year? Is the existing technology still quite flaky? I don't need or want loads of fancy features - just a really cool, clear crisp picture on a reliable bit of kit.


Prices will drop, and newer technology will come out, question is how long will you wait .....
I wanted a plasma last year I was quoted £4000 back then for a 42 . I bought one now (1.5 years later) and paid £3300. Got a newer model though.
Thing is they will go down, but by less and less, I doubt the new model of my plasma will be £700 ponds cheaper next year maybe £400 cause remember they are taking out newer models with extra features (like normal tv,s and dvd players).
Presently the quality is very good on Plasma's I'm sure they will continue to improve on it though.
Thing is how long are you willing to wait, and be stuck with a big bulky old 28/32 inch ..... :D

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