The Funny Side of Soliciting...!


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Was listening to Scott Mills on Radio 1 this morning, and he was mentioning this webpage, although he didn't actually name it. Well, I did some investigation, and found it. All I can say is, it's funny as hell! This is what happens if you get caught soliciting in Wichita, Kansas! You get named and shamed on a website for the whole world to see... Click Here! (Work-safe, and no worse than PG-rated material!)

I'm not sure what's worse though: being named and shamed, or the fact that the people who were caught actually had customers stupid enough to solicit them for "immoral purposes" in the first place. :rotfl: So much for the saying that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Not with this lot it ain't! :rotfl:



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Now I know where to print my haloween mask from this year:thumbsup:

Ed Selley

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I wonder what percentage of these people are prostitutes to feed their addiction?

It is rather tragic actually.

I'm sure that guy runs my local off license.

Daddy k

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just tell me why?

explain it to me......................

mum why, i would of lent you the money for some cider


Pack Dude

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Interesting Sodomy for Hire and Offering Sodomy for Hire seem to be extra offences. I also noticed every black person on the site had a higher bond than white people.

I would pay to avoid having sex with anyone on that site.


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It would also appear that Adultery also comes under the broad heading of offences (PROSTITUTION, OBSCENITY AND MORALS OFFENSES) in Wichita!
Dosen't elabortate on the punishment. That's probably about 50% of the population of any country at one time or another!!

Mental note to myself - don't go to Wichita, what other things can you get arrested for? Stepping on the cracks in the pavement (sorry sidewalk), urinating in a Public Convenience, possesion or wearing of an offensive Hawiian tee-shirt. I really must say I hate the way (some) Americans take this high minded, high moral ground. Hmmm... let me cast my mind back - "let him that is without sin cast the first stone".

See also " " Blasphemy!!

Solomon Grundy

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For sure the pimps must have offered the `girls` out with a big discount (I don`t think buy one get one free would be a good offer):suicide:


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Wouldn't it be interesting to know the names of the local 'guardians of morals' who have had sex with these people? I bet there's a few.
I wonder how long that system of naming and 'shaming' would last?
Middle America - yuck!

lisa burrell

i heard about a man who sent his wife out soliciting..... apparently she was out for 7 hours he thought the big bad fox had ate her.. anyway she come home said she had a very busy night indeed.... he said how much did we make ... she said, very pleased with her self ... "£45 50p " He said "who gave you 50p? She said .........................................they all did !

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