The Fourth Protocol


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In an age when spy thrillers are either filled with male model, gadget ridden, mysoginists, or steriod bloated, anti-hero, two dimensional dullards, this gem from the late 80's is a veritable cornucopia of charactor developement and plot.

So why ain't it available on DVD?

Love the scene on the tube where Caine dish out some street justice to a pair of skinheads, taunting a black woman.

Lets be having a R2 copy!


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Pierce Brosnan was in this wasn't he? A good spy thriller if i remember.


...indeed an excellent book - and, for once, a very good film, too...!...

. . . :cool: . . .


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It was on TV a couple of weeks ago. Recorded and watched it last week but I think they cut out the scene on the tube with the skinheads. It was certainly a shorter version than the one I saw at the cinema. I remember thinking at the time that the Russian spy (Brosnan) would make an excellent James Bond instead of the lame Roger Moore version. Connery still rules in my opinion, however. Back to Fourth Protocol. An excellent film which relied on story rather than special effects. Let's hope it is released on DVD.


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