Question The first stereo. Arcam alpha 9 / 9p, DAC - dilemma.


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Hey. I have not much experience in audio and my English is not impressive. I am asking for forgiveness :)

I am completing the first audio set. I already have Dali 450 and DAC SMSL Sanskrit 10 speakers (warm and detailed, adjustable volume, I have a lot of files, few CDs, I do not need a CD player). I have the opportunity to buy an Arcam Alpha 9 amplifier for £100 (phono, remote, very good condition) and 9p for £100 (very good condition). I do not know what to do.
I listen to medium-level music. 220ft² room. Different music but I do not listen to heavy music (heavy, trash metal, etc.). The most important is the sound quality, not the cost but I prefer cheaper :)

1 Buy 9 + 9p and do bi-amping?
2 Buy 9p and buy another pre?
3 Buy 9p and use DAC SMSL as pre?
4 Buy 9 integrated + DAC SMSL? Will it be a difference in quality to option No. 3?

The Dali 450 speakers can be changed to other (up to 200 pounds) but I think they are good.
Maybe to buy Alpha 10 integrated or another amplifier instead of 9 + 9p? But 9 + 9p is probably a good price?


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