The First Purge Review & Comments


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Looking forward to this. Still think the first one was the best.
Great review.
Thank you.

Will add more once I have watched it :D


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looking forward to this. Always loved the concept behind the purge films, also looking forward to the TV series as well.


I really liked the first one, two and three tended to blend together a bit and there was a kind of covert government conspiracy vibe in the last one. However, these are great popcorn beer time movies. More like the old exploitation movies than any deep social commentary. However let's hope Mr Trump doesn't get any ideas. I mean he has suggested he would run into a building unarmed to tackle armed shooters. I am all for Trump Purge Night 2020 :eek:


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Really enjoyed the last 3, the 2nd in particular. But Im not a fan of prequels due to them being proof of ideas running dry. This, along with the tv show, feel like massive missteps to me.


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Wasn't really keen on the first purge so pretty much skipped them all but thought since I had limitless id give it a punt, had nothing better to do tonight lol.

3/5, probably would have been 4 but ended to abruptly, there was no
follow up on them figuring out they were mercs/soldiers sent in, no attempts to whistle blow on the situation and not to mention the drones attacking people as well.

Just another ending let down for my personal preference unless it was buried in the credits in which case the post credit scenes have not been uploaded to youtube yet as far as I can see.

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