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The Final Solution to the wireless surround speakers only problem?


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I appreciate that this issue has been discussed before but nobody has quite defined the best solution, soooooo....

Here's the deal:
I have a single storey apartment with marble floors and the living room has no way of running wires across the room without people tripping over them. No carpet either obviously. I have my PC, PS3 and 46" Sony Bravia 3 LCD TV across the room from the couch and Logitech Z5500 surround sound speaker set 5.1 for audio which I know is not necessarily HiFi but actually gives excellent sound for the price. So FL C and FR are no problem but I need my rears across the room beside the couch without wires! The fact that the floor and ceiling offer no options muddies the issue Doh! I can't see that clarity is going to be a major factor as I just need that extra 'sound fill' from the rears.

My thoughts on solutions include:
1 Chop the cables for RL and RR and insert some form of in-line wireless sender to a receiver across the room with a reasonable audio amp and plug the rears into this.

2 Use a powerline adaptor to get the audio across the room. Pop the audio out of the powerline receiver and feed to the rears.

3 Anything you Experts can come up with instead!

Try as I might I have scoured the net and come up empty on Options 1 and 2 so if you can enlighten me ..... Please do

If there isn't anything on the market I might have a go at building something to fit. Would it be a big seller?

Many thanks in advance.



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Can you not tack the speaker cable to the skirting boards or remove the skirting boards and put the speaker cable behind?

You can buy speaker cable covers that clip on to skirting boards.


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Unforunately there are 2 door ways on one side of the room and patio slidey doors leading to balcony on the other so a wireless solution is required.


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Aha will do some investigation on these and they might just do it. Many thanks for the heads up on them. Getting stuff like this delivered to UAE is the next hurdle lol

Keep the suggestions coming anybody else....

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