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Reviewed by Cas Harlow, 9th February 2011.
Covering well-trodden ground – an underdog fighter struggles to find success both in and out of the ring – The Fighter stands apart not in its realistic fight scenes, or even in Mark Wahlberg’s admirable commitment to becoming utterly convincing in the role or real-life Irish boxer Micky Ward, but actually in a trio of superior supporting performances led by Christian Bale. Amy Adams and Melissa Leo break tradition to play the powerful ladies in the Ward fighter family, but it’s Bale who goes above-and-beyond, challenging once again the true definition of method acting, and simply becoming the colourful real-life character of Dicky Ekland, Micky’s half-brother, once a notable boxer, and the hero of the town, but now just a destructive crack addict. Just like you’ll watch Black Swan for Natalie Portman, or The King’s Speech for Colin Farrell, The Fighter is truly unmissable because of Bale’s contribution, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he deserves that Best Supporting Actor Award. Despite its somewhat predictable boxing narrative, The Fighter relies on its performances to transcend an otherwise fairly standard boxing biopic label, breaching its genre restrictions, and allowing it to become a compelling, solidly directed tour de force drama in its own right. For that – and for Bale – it comes highly recommended.

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Well-known Member
Saw this last week.

Fantastic acting from Christian Bale. Could not believe how different he looked from the Batman movies.

From a oscar standpoint, Geoffrey Rush will also prove strong competition i think.


Active Member
Saw the trailer around xmas time but still not sure about this one, it doesn't really look like my kind of movie. Sounds like Bale is worth seeing though.

And agree about Geoffrey Rush, i'd be surprised if he didn't get the oscar.

Casimir Harlow

Blu-ray Reviewer
It's well worth seeing, it's not your usual boxing movie!

I'm sure everybody's right about Rush getting the Oscar, he's the safe bet, but it would be nice if the panel were a bit more adventurous this time and gave it to Bale. Rush is always excellent, but Bale - in this movie - is truly exceptional.

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