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Reviewed by Chris McEneany, 21st November 2010.

One of the most enjoyable movies of the year for me, Sly’s mercenary mash-em-up literally explodes onto Blu-ray with a testosterone-fuelled vengeance. Effortlessly trouncing the other 80’s big screen homage of The A-Team, The Expendables does exactly what its title implies – plot, character, dialogue and mucho ammunition is expended in a colossal guilty pleasure trip of ultra-violence, impossible machismo and colourful in-yer-face uber-chaos. There will be films with more explosions in them than this, but for the life of me, I still can’t think of a single one.

The pace may be slightly off – I know plenty of people who dislike the first half of the film for some perceived lack of energy and pyrotechnics – but no-one can refute the massive momentum and shell-shock verve of the final act of utter bedlam. I loved the film at the flicks, and I actually love it more on disc, where every bone-crunching instant of mayhem and each sizzling, high-calibre killing can be savoured in more detail. I’m not sure what that says about me – but I know what makes me happy. And The Expendables makes me very happy indeed. I simply cannot wait for the sequel. Stallone still rules and this is rip-roaring proof that he will continue to do so for some considerable time to come.

Lionsgate provide a tremendous power-packed release for Sly’s latest, with some incredibly rewarding extras that show, once again, how determined the superstar is to please his fans. The mammoth making-of, Inferno, is worth the asking price alone. There is much to learned and enjoyed from the commentary and the PiP track, and the Comic-Con footage is another hearty gem in this treasure-trove of machismo.

The Expendables is made for a certain demographic. You know who you are and I stand proudly alongside you. It ain't high art. The plot is merely an excuse to drop muscle-bound heroes into a fire-storm and to pummel the viewer with images of wanton brutality. In this endeavour it succeeds better than expected. It is a cross between The Wild Bunch, The Dirty Dozen, The Wild Geese and Extreme Prejudice, but imbued with the larger-than-life super-stature of the 80's. Sitting with like-minded folks, this will bring the house down. And you can bet that the rest of the street will know you're watching it, as well. The bass levels are spectacular, the picture is terrific and the film is primal joy of knee-jerk catharsis.

The Expendables on Blu-ray is anything but expendable. For me, at least, it is indispensable.

Nice one, Sly, and I'm definitely available for duty on the next one if there's an opening.

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Distinguished Member
Nice one Chris and just KNEW you would grab this blu-ray to review :smashin:

Well, that has to be one of your longest and most concise reviews EVER ... and is a reflection of how much you enjoyed the movie, blu-ray disc and extras I am sure.

Like you, I am a MASSIVE Sly fan and every film he makes is an event to me. Rocky Balboa was great, Rambo 4 was a god send to Sly fans it was stunning and The Expendables was Sly giving us what we like and throwing in some of the industries best action stars ever ... a master piece :cool:

Like you say, there is so much to like about The Expendables and the only gripe i have is that the USA release is region A locked :thumbsdow
I have to wait till mid December to see this movie in pin sharp high definition and crank up the audio through my system without any cinema distractions ... I really can't wait and your review and hightended my excitement up a few notches.

I know the blu ray package is loaded with great extras and you have confirmed these are all great including the infernon making of and Sly pic in pic commentry. Sly certainly gives us a brilliant dvd package doesn't he and doesn't sell us short.

The movie had so many stand out moments for me too, the harbour explosion being the main one and it was visually amazing and I can't wait to see that on blu ray.

You listed most of the other stand out scenes but there are loads aren't there so hard to list them all.

I am looking forward to seeing the moview again also so I can remember which scenes all of the music fits into.

The main theme is cool and macho though like in Rambo isn't it.
Can you recall which scene WARRIORS fits into the film Chris ?
Love that track.
The last track on the album has the same theme I think and is also great on full volume.
The title track is cool too and the use of the choir is excellent isn't it .. really lifts the quality of the soundtrack.

Thanks for wonderfully detailed review which makes me look forward to the bluray even more and lets hope we get both The Expendables #2 very soon and that promised extended edit of #1. If its like the Rambo 4 extended package, it will be worth double dipping for sure .. but in honesty the two Rambo 4 releases almost work on their own and are like a box set for the same film as I don't think any material is duplicted.

My film of the year too and now review of the year :thumbsup:
Last edited:


Active Member
I was really very disappointed in this movie. I dont think I was expecting too much, but this felt like a massive letdown. Really enjoyed Stallone's return to Rambo, it's just a shame he didn't hit the mark here. Of course, this is all imho. As is clear from this loving, well-written review, and the film's success, the majority loved it.

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
Hey Glenn,

Expendables rocks!!!!!!

Sly’s been on already, and you and me are both in the sequel. As bullets.

Aye, now that track, The Warriors, well it’s all to do with the scene when Barney and Lee Christmas first confront Garza’s troops out in the field during their recon with Sandra. The start of the track is when the army truck pulls up and they threaten Sandra, and the majority of the rest of the track is when our heroes are speeding back to the docks to get to the sea-plane, with Eric Roberts and his goons in hot pursuit through the streets.

The middle bit during this sequence in the film, however, when Sly and Statham beat the crap out of the jundies with mucho knives and bone-breakage, is culled from a different track altogether … and, at the mo, I’m not sure which one. Lol. But it’s all great stuff, tho!!!

Btw, that Inferno doc is supreme, but it’s a real shame that the UK release is apparently dropping the Comic-Con Panel, mate. That is hysterical.

But it’s the film that counts and you’re gonna love it all the more on BD. Roll on the Director’s Cut, eh? :thumbsup:


Chris McEneany :devil:


Distinguished Member
Hi Chris,

Thanks for confirming where Warriors fits in .. yeah that makes sense !

As for the Comic Con panel ... thankfully I have seen it on you tube, just before I saw the movie at the cinema. It is cool and to see most of the action stars on stage giving it full banter was cool.

It will be cool if it makes it onto the UK steeltin version, as there is also talk that version contains inferno and standard case doesn't ... its all ****** up isn't it.

Oh well, thankfully I don't have much longer to wait for the UK release. In the meantime, the music score is still getting a good pounding.

Thanks again for s superb review and yeah I can handle being a bullet in E#2 :)

john connor

Active Member
why are arnie and bruce not on the cover, or mentioned in the credits:confused:

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