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Action fans have certainly been treated to a better than normal year at the flicks. We’ve had The Avengers, The Raid, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Dark Knight Rises and The Bourne Legacy already, and we’ve still got … wait for it … Total Recall, Dredd, A Bullet to the Head and Bond to come! But just look at this – sandwiched right in the middle of all this, we have the ultimate ode to the Alpha Male in the irresistibly explosive follow-up Sylvester Stallone’s 2010 experimental homage to 80’s action cinema with The Expendables 2.

Let’s go to War!

Sporting Chuck Norris’ beard and mid-80’s mullet and wearing his dangerously expressionless mug proudly on my muscle-strained t-shirt, I marched into Liverpool One’s Vue to watch the Ginger War God join the ranks of Sly’s merry band of titanic “twirlies” in this long-awaited sequel. Bigger. Bolder....

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Nice in depth review Chris ... Expect no less from you though :)

Well I think your review has assured me I am gonna lap it up, although it sounds like it does have one or two "forgivable" flaws.

Sounds like the film in general delivers though and the action level is set to max, which I kinda like the sound of.

The Chuck "entrance" sounds like its gonna be everything I hoped it would be and so cool Chuck stands out in the film and has credible dialogue ... Go Chuck that is great !

I can handle Sly and Stathe taking the lead and let's face it Sly is the main man here and this is his party, he is the host ... and our ultimate action super star, looking unbelievable for his age.

Shame JCVD is not in it as much as we may have hoped but perhaps quality over quantity ? And looking forward to the Sly & JCVD showdown at the end oh yeah !

You briefly mention the Tyler score and you confirm what my suspicions are in that the music possibly fits the film better than stand alone ?
I have been listening to it this weekend and whilst there are 3 or 4 decent tracks which do stand out, I was left a little disappointed.
Tyler's score for Ex1 was superb and of a very high quality with lots of unique cues and superb Rambo 3 esque roaring tracks.
Having just watched Ex1 again last night, the music score is terrific and adds to the film so much ... But stand alone it works terrifically too !
I am not so sure Ex2 works so well stand alone, but perhaps works in the film perfectly.

Maybe I will appreciate the score more after seeing the film, which for me is tomorrow :)

Thanks for a superb review Chris :smashin:
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Ok now I have .....

Tracked it
Found it
Killed it

My verdict .... Frickin Amazing !!!

Wow, the opening scene, you are spot on Chris, right out of a Bond movie, and one of the best Bond movies.

Now I "get" the music score though !
Having seen the film and now knowing the "tone" of the movie, I can appreciate how Tyler has had to score this and how it differs to Ex1.
All of the thumping "heroic" elements I picked up on from the score do feature in key scenes of the film and work "extremely" well ... So all is fine now in the Tyler camp again :)

Only negative I have on the music is the damn none orchestra stuff Stallone seams to want in (my only gripe with Sly). For me, he messed up Ex1 directors cut with some loud awful rock music, replacing some of Tylers excellent tracks. Ditch the same elements in Ex2 Sly as the orchestra material is way better and fitting to the film.

Anyway, loved the movie, agree with your review (as usual) and was wanting to jump out my seat at the Chuck entrance !!! Simply brilliant !!!
He was so cool and loved his scenes. Sly did good getting Chuck on board.

Sly was cool along with main cast.
Not keen on Hemsworth.
Bruce was fantastic.
Arnie was having fun ... and I like that :)
JCVD was brilliant ... Just wanted more of him

Felt the film could have done to be 15 mins or do longer to give more air time to JCVD and the like.

I really did enjoy it, it was a great ride again, so bring on Ex3!

My score for Ex2 ... 9/10
One point deducted for the bad music inserts.
Although the "Chuck" music could be argued off-sets it :)

It was great and many thanks for the detailed review Chris, it certainly added to my anticipation and enjoyment of this astonishing action cast ensemble :smashin:

Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
McQuade is now on the prowl, dude.

Full review of Exp 2 score coming soon. I have to see it again first, though. Hardly a chore.

I actually love the elegiac track Preparations. A reverent switch from the bombast!

Cheers and thanks for the comments!

Chris McEneany


Distinguished Member
Well Chris - I was actually going to give this a miss until I read your review...and I have to say this is my film of the year so far! Loved it!
I didn't really like the first one but since I read your review of this one, I think it's more a lack of appreciation for what it is that an actual dislike. Only one way to put that right - fire up the Netflix tonight and see if your review of 2 can change my mind on 1...stay tooned to find out the outcome in the next part...:D


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in the airport scene I think the only I kept thinking about was how cool it would have been to have a cameo of Chow yun fat in shades & trenchcoat reprising his john woo roles. well maybe next time:D.


Distinguished Member
McQuade is now on the prowl, dude.

Full review of Exp 2 score coming soon. I have to see it again first, though. Hardly a chore.

I actually love the elegiac track Preparations. A reverent switch from the bombast!

Cheers and thanks for the comments!

Chris McEneany

Looking forward to Ex2 score review mate !

I am playing it a lot now.

Love the tracks ...

Making an Entrance (awesome)
Party Crashers (great intro)
Fists Knives & Chains (cool)

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