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It’s funny how I was just discussing the films that meant a lot to me at a certain crucial age in my review for the new BD for Peter Hyam’s brilliant Outland. Sidney J. Furie’s notorious 1982 supernatural shocker The Entity appeared during the same phase and although nowhere near as influential or as special as many of the titles I was reminiscing about, it contains a good number of the elements and qualities that helped define what made this era – 1981-1983 – so unique as far as I am concerned. Like many of the titles that I referenced – The Thing, Mad Max 2, The Evil Dead – it was home video that gave The Entity infamy and shelf-life. Something of a cult-following naturally ensued.

“Will you appear to us now?”

“You won’t appear. You won’t appear because you’re a devil out of Hell ... and you’re afraid! You...

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