The edge of the Roman Empire


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Went up to Steel Rigg tonight for the sunset, some of you may be aware of the Sycamore Gap - an oft togged place made famous by Kevin Costner in Robin Hood (they stopped there on the way from Dover to Nottingham :eek:)

Anyways its part of the Roman Wall, and this bit is just further west.

Hope you don't mind 2 post in a day !



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Can I nick the first one please? :D

I am entering a competition where the theme is shots where the light is captured in a way that really enhances the scene - that shot would surely win it :thumbsup:


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Smokin',pun intended,yeah,very nice shot indeed:smashin:in fact,that colour suits the pic better imho.


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added one taken with the tobacco filter:

That’s a fantastic capture Tonto, just been looking at your Flickr landscapes on my 22” screen using Piclens full screen, really impressed! What size do you download at?

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