The Eagle Has Landed 2 disc SE

Rambo John J

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according to Play it's out 21st June and here's the spec...

Disc One:
Extended version (145 mins) with 17 minutes of deleted scenes!
Interviews with director John Sturges and actors Michael Caine & Donald Sutherland

Disc Two:
Theatrical version (131 mins) with 5.1 surround sound
Location reports: ATV Today, Film Night
Stills gallery
Theatrical trailer
Interactive menu
Scene access

Director John Sturges
Certificate 15 years and over
Year 1976
Screen Widescreen 2.35:1
Languages English - Dolby Digital (5.1)
Additional Languages English (Original Mono)
Subtitles English for the hearing impaired

all for just £12.99 rrp or £9.99 @ Play.


Rambo John J

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shame we've all had to buy so many half-arsed releases to reach this point... but at least it's not expensive:smashin:

better late than never:laugh: :zonked:


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After purchasing for the princely sum of £12, I have just watched the extended cut of the film. It has even more footage than the BBC version. I won't list the extra material as I don't want to spoil it for those fans of the film who haven't yet watched it. Just suffice to say that the characters are much more fleshed out.

The restoration work is superb, with excellent picture quality. The sound is in my opinion good considering the age of the film and the new re-mix is as good as it can get given the elements they've had to work with.

The on location interviews were fun, particularly the movements and activity of the crew in the background. I also liked the split screen comparison between source material and the restored film. They did a similar thing on The Hills Have Eyes.

Does anyone remember the weekly film review program Clapper board with Chris Kelly? I remember him doing a location report for this film, and showing the stunt men preparing for the truck flipping scene which ends up in the river.

An excellent disc. Thanks a lot Carlton. What with this, The African Queen, Northwest Frontier and the recent release of Raise The Titanic, lets hope that they continue to re-release their back catalogue with such good treatment.


Grew up with programmes like Clapperboard-what a great film show that was.Have particularly fond memories of a behind the scenes report on the making of The Towering Inferno.Good news about Eagle Has Landed-haven't actually seen the film since its theatrical release so will definitely have to re-acquaint myself with it as I have fond memories of seeing it in Derby and then hilariously missing the last train home.As we never had a phone at home at the time,this was the cue for frantic phonecalls to the operator trying to find out which of our neighbours had a phone so that we could ring them and ask them to go round to my parents to explain the situation!Happy days! :laugh:


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Great anecdote Ian. I remember Clapper Board doing a location report on Hawk The Slayer. It had interviews with Jack Palance and stunt co-ordinator Eddie Stacey. I as a child was very excited by the prospect of a British Sword and Sorcery film.

As you said, happy days :smashin:

Rambo John J

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I've only watched the 1st disc of TEHL so far, and I thought they've done an excellent restoration job on it. It's by far the best looking I've ever seen the film, full 2.35:1 thankfully (Carlton have a habit of cropping scope movies to 16:9) and although the extended cut says "mono" on the box, it's definitely stereo. Haven't checked out the theatrical version yet but I'll try to soon.
Nice booklet going into the techie side of the restoration too :smashin:

Certainly the best version that's out there :clap: and about time

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