The Drop (14 Nov 2014)

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Crime drama directed by Michaël R. Roskam (Bullhead), with his English-language debut

Based on a short story by Dennis Lehane (Shutter Island, Gone Baby Gone)

James Gandolfini's final film, Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, Matthias Schoenaerts, John Ortiz, Ann Dowd, James Frecheville

Trailer shows too much, skip some bits

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Dennis Lehane has written some outstanding novels, and the recent adaptation of Gone Baby Gone was exemplary.

This looks like another great story, with 3 top actors involved. Surely this is Gandolfini's final role too.

Very much looking forward to it.


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Saw this at Leeds film fest, solid performances but Tom Hardy mumbles Again and missed some of his lines7/10

barnaby jones

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Watched it earlier, terrific film, terrific performance by Hardy and a very cute dog ! Beautifully and subtly put together drama.
Note DO NOT watch the trailer if you're going to watch it. 8/10
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Thought this was a very dull film with a basic plot that heavily relies on character development.



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Yup. Agreed about the character development but i never thought it was dull for 1 minute. Kept me engaged the whole time. A solid 7.75 (8 rounded up for AVF) :D


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Enjoyed this movie even though I thought it was going to be more action oriented then it actually was. I liked all three main actors, NR from her Dragon days, JG from the Sopranos and I've followed TH through a fair number of his film/TV dramas also. The film worked well around the lives of a Brooklyn bar although I thought the Chechen connection would have been further investigated. The wife on the other hand didn't enjoy the film and found it bored her and she struggled to decide if TH was playing the part of Forrest Gump or not which kept bugging her. A 7 from me although the chances of me watching it again are pretty low.


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Strong casting with the 2 males leads but the rest of the cast were pretty poor (the female lead was laughably bad).

I got right through the film but there's nothing new to see and I'd have liked at least 2 parts of the plot and a further 10mins taken out -they might just of had something. Mixing religion, puppy dogs, murder, gangsters, domestic abuse and life's disappointments needs a director with a much firmer hand.

Hardy was OK -he can be amazing- but I wasn't that impressed and he's still no star -I have great hope for Mad Max 4.

Fans of James Gandolfini should try and catch Down The Shore Great actor will be sadly missed.


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The two male leads were wasted in a film that stayed in the same gear throughout when you are expecting it to explode. I usually find Tom Hardy watchable in anything but this could be his weakest role yet. The fact the film was based on a short story named Animal Rescue, says it all, it was not the strongest crime drama with depth, but I did like the tone of the film, shame it was not better.

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Yep, overall wasn't that impressed with The Drop. For me it just seemed to plod along really with very little to keep me interested. In fact, I actually caught myself a bit heavy eyed during it's viewing.

Was more engrossed with 'Locke' than I was with this... Not one of Hardy's best!

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